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“Excellent support, I found a great job. I actually get up in the morning and want to go to work. Thanks  Michal!”

“Their personalize service and attitude is always positive, friendly and extremely helpful. I will definitely recommend them to any job seekers!”

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity Aerojobs International has assisted me in, bringing my career to the next level. “

Aerojobs International provides the lowest cost recruitment service for all businesses. We utilise timely candidate search strategies to help clients find new candidates.  Aerojobs International applies appropriate recruitment strategies to cater to all roles, in any industry in Prague and across Central Bohemia.

Compare prices of recruitment options

We make no compromises in terms of quality.  We supply a full recruitment agency experience for a fraction of the cost.

A successful placement will cost you, the employer, only one and a half times the gross monthly salary of your new employee.

There are no other costs.

Compare the basic attributes of the three recruitment alternatives described below to decide which recruitment option is best for you.  Doing the search yourself can be cheap but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily cost-effective. Traditional recruitment agencies offer great flexibility, but you pay for the priviledge.  The price of an unsuccessful hire can out-weigh all!

Finding the Right person, for the Right price and minimizing risks is where Aerojobs International excels.

Example – Marketing assistant – salary 30 000 CZK

Price? 15 000 – 45 000+ 45 000 90 000 – 180 000+
Money saving? yes yes no
Time saving? no yes yes
Excellent results? no yes yes
Overall value? no yes no

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